Kat, North Yorkshire

Wendy is amazing and the space is calm and beautiful. Wendy was able to pick up on everything and I left feeling wonderful. Looking forward to my next session.

Martin, Durham

After my reiki session last night I felt totally re-energised and "full of beans", I had no trouble falling asleep and managed to get a full 6 hours undisturbed sleep, waking up feeling really refreshed.  Thank you very much I feel great.

Theo, Dorset

I had a wonderful rejuvenating Reiki session and felt refreshed and more grounded and vibrant, as though I’m almost radiating (glowing) with light, in a very nice and gentle way. Thank you.

Philip, Catterick Garrison

I saw you at Phoenix house for a Reiki session and letting you know that I have been a lot more relaxed, sleeping right though the night, haven’t done that for years.  Thank you for such an amazing experience.  Life changing for me! 

Fay, Catterick Garrison

I had a great sleep and feel much better today, more calm and happy.  More positive in my thoughts.  Thank you for your healing hands.